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The 9 Best Things to Prepare for and Do in an Interview to Get the Job

For some the thought of being interviewed is just terrifying! For others not so, but a lack of nerves can also lead to complacency and a poor, ill-prepared interview performance. The following pointers will get you to a place of confidence and with luck a successful job offer! 

The pro-active approach to keeping your CV up to date....

Writing your CV can be a daunting task especially when starting from scratch and even more so when you’re under pressure to hit an application deadline... Trying to remember your key achievements in the past year can be hard enough never mind those from 10/20 years ago!

My advice is to keep a CV up to date even when you are not looking for your next role and when writing it remember you are not writing your job description - this is about marketing your achievements and successes so that a recruiter will give YOU an interview! 

Posted on February 24, 2014 and filed under Career Coaching.