Group Coaching
Emma is most likeable and professional in her approach and I can vouch for the whole group in saying that we all benefited immensely from the group coaching sessions. Every session had a theme which was applicable to all departments and levels.

We all hope to work with Emma again in the near future and I would certainly recommend, to any company who requires any form of coaching, to work with Emma.

— Ed Collinson, Area Sales Manager

Group Coaching creates a space for a number of people to come together with the common purpose of learning with, and from, each other. 

Group coaching brings multiple benefits to individuals and organisations: 

  • Builds relationships across the business and creates cross-business opportunities 
  • Encourages collaboration and creative problem solving 
  • Increases employee engagement in a common company vision and purpose 
  • Develops and promotes coaching management styles and coaching cultures 
  • Increases depth of learning, empathy, self awareness and understanding through the collective wisdom of others dilemmas and challenges 
  • Develops social intelligence and interpersonal competencies
  • Embeds learnings from classroom based leadership development programmes 
  • Provides reflective practice for experiential on-the-job learning 
  • A more cost effective way of offering coaching to a broader audience within the business than 121 coaching

If you would like to know more about group coaching, and what it could provide for you or your organisation, please call 07786 080128 or email