“Be the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily, even if you had no title or position”
— Brain Tracy

Executive coaching creates a safe and non-judgmental environment for you to explore yourself as a leader and your impact in the organisation within which you lead, with the ultimate goal of being the best leader you can be. 

As a leader you want make the most of your best qualities; leverage your amazing strengths to be authentic and successful;  and drive results to positively impact your team, colleagues and organisation whilst feeling fulfilled, happy and balanced in your life and career. Executive coaching will support as you define your goals, build your self-awareness and grow your personal potential and capability as a leader through focused action plans. 

We offer a number of coaching packages dependent on where you are in your career. Each programme is designed with you at the heart and bespoke to you and your goals. 

Give Emma a call on +(44) 7786 080128 to discuss your, or your organisations, needs and we can set up a free no-obligation discovery session.

Hear first hand what it is like to work with Emma...

”I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was offered and accepted the opportunity to have Emma as a coach; a list of things to do and those to avoid? The study of some of the most successful business people and their traits / characteristics and trying to adopt some of those? Perhaps the bringing of ongoing situations or upcoming challenges to Emma for her to provide guidance and instruction in order to reach a satisfactory conclusion/resolution.

The reality was subtly different. The opportunity to study traits and characteristics was there, but those to be studied were mine; the situations and challenges brought to the meeting with Emma were for me to resolve not her!

Emma makes clear that she feels that her role is not to instruct or resolve as that would get in the way of any personal development. She provides a safe environment for people to outline their challenges or problem situations and explain why they are having difficulties in dealing with or resolving them. Once her client has made clear the challenges facing them, they will then explore the desired outcomes and proposed methods of achieving it.

Sounds simple? Not always but Emma is very good at teasing out solutions and challenging her clients.

I found working with Emma a thoroughly enjoyable experience but it was not always easy. Sometimes taking a close look at one’s own behaviours when attempting to manage others does not always make for comfortable reading!

Emma is always prepared and thoroughly professional. She is firm, candid and direct but there is always a good sense of humour too.

A thoroughly worthwhile experience for me and one I would recommend without hesitation to others.”

— Andrew Whitehouse, Head of Marine, Allianz