I had had coaching before but this had not achieved any underlying change in behaviour or really changed the way I evaluated the pros and cons of my behaviours or my assessment of how others perceived me. Emma was very good at gently but persistently probing into areas. For instance, why I didn’t delegate more tasks and why I didn’t feel I was getting positive rewards from delegation and then making me think about how I could change that so delegation was a positive experience.

Despite being an introvert by personality, I found Emma very easy to talk to, she was questioning and challenging rather than judging. So it felt very safe to open up and find myself analysing and talking about my core values and drivers. Our sessions were fluid as, although the overall goal for the coaching was kept in mind, priority was given to tackling issues as they emerged even if this meant the session went in a slightly different direction from that originally planned. This I found highly valuable and was a credit to Emma’s experience and capability in tackling whatever surfaced rather than needing to stick to a pre-planned script and opportunities being lost.

I would describe Emma as calm, thoughtful, logical and very honest. So don’t expect unwarranted flattery, you won’t get it, just constructive warts and all feedback and logical and insightful challenge to all the lame excuses you have traditionally allowed yourself to accept in order to justify your behaviour.
— Kirstie, Compliance Director, Kensington
I found Emma very easy to talk to.  She was tough on me but in a nice way, which is how she needed to be to break down my internal barriers to be able to give me the perspective that I needed.  I never felt that my concerns about my ability were ridiculous or unfounded, but she gently broke them down until I could see that there was nothing sensible underpinning them and that I just had to make the decision to “go for it” or to decide not to.

After my third session with Emma, I had an epiphany.  My mindset had shifted and I was much better able to cope with tricky situations and guide others through required changes.  The coaching programme worked exceptionally well for me, better than I had hoped, and I would recommend Emma as a great person to help you reach your goals.

— JB, Vice President, Bio-Tech
The “journey” that I have taken in the past 12 weeks has been one of my most enjoyable personal paths that I have ever taken, especially as I was tackling areas of my life where I felt vulnerable and negative.

Emma has been wonderful to work with as she really has brought the best out of me whilst at the same time challenging me just enough so that I was able to have “eureka” moments. She also taught me new skills that I carry on using on a daily basis to ensure that my journey carries on.

The results that I am now seeing are amazing, I feel like a totally different person and enjoy each day so much more than I did before I started seeing Emma.

Thanks so much Emma
— Maryann Wilkie
Emma provided me with a challenging but safe environment to discuss the way I work and the way I manage. At times, the sessions were difficult and uncomfortable, but ultimately I have been able to reflect upon my own performance and establish ways to improve.

Emma is always extremely positive and focused on me as an individual but also my contribution to the business as a whole- she has supported me in my career development, helped me to establish ways to communicate and build relationships with others and how to strike a work/life balance.

She has also helped me to understand the value of coaching employees, and effectively trained me in some coaching techniques that I can apply to my own team.

— Susan Sanashee, Head of HR & Customer Services, Conveyancing Data Services Ltd.
I had coaching with Emma to discuss returning to work after being a full time mum for nearly 15 years. I’d lost my way and my confidence in my professional abilities. I was feeling really scared.

Meeting and chatting with Emma was easy. She immediately put me at ease. I felt that because she was a mum too, she had a level of understanding as to where I was coming from. Just by chatting, and at times her just listening, she prompted areas of thought and helped me open up about my areas of insecurity. We spent time thinking through the steps and Emma helped me believe in myself again.

At the end of the coaching I felt light – a weight had been lifted. It was amazing to have talked it through and to be clear about what the next steps were - steps that didn’t feel quite so daunting anymore.

— Maddy, Life Coaching Client
Coaching was completely new to me and I was slightly sceptical how it would work for me. However, after one session with Emma, I feel like a changed person, the session was incredibly empowering and I left with the knowledge of how to deal with situations which use to cause me unease. I look forward to further sessions with Emma in the future.

— Claire, Life Coaching Client
I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was offered and accepted the opportunity to have Emma as a coach; a list of things to do and those to avoid? The study of some of the most successful business people and their traits / characteristics and trying to adopt some of those? Perhaps the bringing of ongoing situations or upcoming challenges to Emma for her to provide guidance and instruction in order to reach a satisfactory conclusion/resolution.

The reality was subtly different. The opportunity to study traits and characteristics was there, but those to be studied were mine; the situations and challenges brought to the meeting with Emma were for me to resolve not her!

Emma makes clear that she feels that her role is not to instruct or resolve as that would get in the way of any personal development. She provides a safe environment for people to outline their challenges or problem situations and explain why they are having difficulties in dealing with or resolving them. Once her client has made clear the challenges facing them, they will then explore the desired outcomes and proposed methods of achieving it.

Sounds simple? Not always but Emma is very good at teasing out solutions and challenging her clients.

I found working with Emma a thoroughly enjoyable experience but it was not always easy. Sometimes taking a close look at one’s own behaviours when attempting to manage others does not always make for comfortable reading!

Emma is always prepared and thoroughly professional. She is firm, candid and direct but there is always a good sense of humour too.

A thoroughly worthwhile experience for me and one I would recommend without hesitation to others.

— Andrew Whitehouse, Head of Marine, Allianz
As I was transitioning to a senior management position, I was introduced to Emma as someone who could help me navigate the change. This has developed into a more regular dialogue in helping me think through the challenges I am facing in my new role.

I am really pleased that I was introduced to Emma, and whilst I had initially thought this would be a short term relationship for a few pointers, and then finish, I can really see the benefit in having her with me on my journey. She acts as a sounding board, someone who challenges my thinking, and ultimately helps me get the best out of myself, and in turn, helps me get the best from my team.

I have also separately witnessed Emma’s presenting style, and I found it engaging, and in a topic which could have been considered dry, she added good humour, which helps you remember the subject. I have recommended her services to a colleague who was in a similar position to me with equally positive results.

— Paul Toothill, Regional Risk Manager, Allianz Risk Consultants
Enlightening, Affirming and Motivating! Running your own business is wonderful, but can be overwhelming at times causing you to lose sight of where you’re heading and how you intend on getting there.

After spending a few hours with Emma I’d restored my inner confidence and was armed with an array of useful tools to keep me going on a truly positive path ... Would recommend without hesitation.

— Lydia Butler
I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Emma Ryan Coaching Solutions to individuals and employers of all backgrounds who are looking to maximise their career potential and investments in staff respectively.

No matter what point on the career path someone is, or how laden one is with qualifications and experience, Emma has the unique ability to engage, assess, mentor and ultimately provide a tailored solution to put you in a better place going forward.

I can testify to this personally and given the competitive business environment the vast majority of individuals and companies operate in I cannot recommend her services highly enough to not only individuals who desire change but also to employers who want to retain and advance their teams.

— John Eades, Operations Director at the Commonwealth Games Federation
I sought Emma’s help as a mentor to guide me through some of the challenges of moving from a local to a global organisation.

She was a good listener, quickly understood my challenge and proposed several robust approaches. This guidance was invaluable in communicating the key aspects of my profile with the key global stakeholders.

As a result of this exposure, I was made several offers for interesting positions and am now enjoying a challenging role in our global HQ.

— Matt, Roche
I can’t recommend Emma highly enough as a senior executive coach. Emma has been my coach for the past 2 years whilst at Fidelity International and helped me become a better senior leader as well as helping me progress my career to Chief Digital Officer on her watch.

My time with Emma is some of the best spent in helping me reflect and discuss challenges I have experienced through the previous period in between our meetings and she helps me understand how I can tackle situations from the boardroom through to working with the various teams I lead across the world.

Emma is absolutely fantastic and I hope to continue to work with her for many years to come!

— Ian Hood, Chief Digital Officer, Fidelity International
I have just completed a full program of 1-2-1 coaching sessions with Emma and they have nothing short of revolutionised my working life. Emma has managed to completely change my approach to both my role on a day to day basis and also my position from a company perspective.

There is no black magic involved in what Emma does but just loads of common sense and great advice, be prepared to be challenged, be prepared to make changes and to be taken out of your comfort zone, from time to time.

If you can do all of these things, commit to seeing the program through to the finish and to act on Emma’s advice, you will reap great rewards.

I am sad to see the sessions come to an end, but will be forever grateful to Emma for all that she has done for me and my company.

— Matthew Joy, Director at Conveyancing Data Services Ltd
I have known Emma since 2006 and my experience of working with her has always been exceptional. She has a high level of emotional intelligence combined with a detailed understanding of the commercial talent market. Emma is personable, results orientated, empathetic, creative but also realistic in her approach to solving a talent or coaching challenge. She is trustworthy and has a natural ability to make people believe in themselves and changing for the better. I would highly recommend Emma as she has supported me professionally and personally.

— Tamsin Terry-Lush, Head of Senior Talent Acquisition, Marks & Spencer
Emma’s coaching has been invaluable for me in my return to work following maternity leave. We have built on our initial area of focus to also incorporate building leadership skill and impact.

Never afraid to challenge, Emma readily adapts to the needs of the situation and provides support where required. She creatively introduces new techniques which I find stretching and interesting, enabling me to really focus on the areas on which I would like to develop.

I have made definite progress against my goals since working with Emma.

— Amanda, Pharmaceuticals Company
Very calm and patient, and definitely a professional in her field. Emma really helped me. I was feeling the effects of my children’s independence and no purpose in the day. I did not have the confidence to apply for any jobs and this was also having an effect on my relationships with friends and family.

I have been inspired by Emma’s coaching and I am now applying for jobs and working 1 day a week. I also have the confidence to study and retrain. The little steps have made a big difference and I am happy.

— Sue Audus, Life Coaching Client
I worked with Emma, as part of a group, over a number of months with CDS. I found Emma to be most likeable and professional in her approach and I can vouch for the whole group in saying that we all benefited immensely from the sessions. Every session had a theme which was applicable to all departments and levels in an everyday workplace.

We all hope to work with Emma again in the near future and I would certainly recommend to any company who requires any form of business or life coaching to work with Emma.

— Edward Collinson, Area Sales Manager
Emma took a calm and positive approach to our sessions, she challenged appropriately which allowed me to focus on how I can achieve my business ambition. I have really enjoyed working with her, she is a highly skilled coach who helped me explore, in more depth, some business ideas and also gave me the confidence to take my career off into a new direction.
— Laura, Private Client
Emma worked with me at Aspen for around three years and she was outstanding. She has a strong work ethic, very high standards and a passion for her work.

She is smart, easy to get along with and very practical. We also had a lot of fun along the way because she is a great human being.

Emma has all the qualities that make up a good coach including empathy, insight and an ability to ask the right questions at the right time in the right way.

— Chris Woodman, Managing Director of Leadenhall Consulting