“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think”
— Socrates
Coaching was completely new to me and I was slightly sceptical how it would work for me. However, after one session with Emma, I feel like a changed person.

The session was incredibly empowering and I left with the knowledge of how to deal with situations which use to cause me unease. I look forward to further sessions with Emma in the future.
— Claire, Life Coaching Client

Coaching provides a confidential, non-judgemental and self-reflective space for listening, questioning, challenging, exploring and action planning. 

My coaching is client-centred and works on the belief that you have the resources within you to find a way forward. What I provide you with is the relationship and the support to help get you there.

Coaching enables you to identify your true passions and strengths and gain clarity about what you want to achieve in your life and work. It helps you to focus on the right things that are going to really make the difference to you.

Coaching addresses those self-limiting beliefs we have about ourselves, enabling new possibilities and behavioural change. It helps you view things with new and clearer perspectives, and in a more positive and less limiting way. 

Coaching helps you take better control of your emotions and feelings allowing you to take responsibility for what you do with them, increasing your self-belief and confidence. 

My clients are ready for change, but even more importantly they are ready to be challenged and committed to something new.  They are ready to make things happen! 

If you feel that coaching can help you either personally or professionally then give Emma a call on +(44) 7786 080128 and we can arrange a free no-obligation discovery session.