“Emma’s coaching has been invaluable for me in my return to work following maternity leave. We have built on our initial area of focus to also incorporate building leadership skill and impact. Never afraid to challenge, Emma readily adapts to the needs of the situation and provides support where required. She creatively introduces new techniques which I find stretching and interesting, enabling me to really focus on the areas on which I would like to develop. I have made definite progress against my goals since working with Emma.”
— Amanda, Pharmaceuticals Company

“I had my first session with Emma this summer to discuss returning to work after being a full time mum for nearly 15 years. I’d lost my way and my confidence in my professional abilities. I was feeling really scared.

Meeting and chatting with Emma was easy. She immediately put me at ease. I felt that because she was a mum too, she had a level of understanding as to where I was coming from. Just by chatting, and at times her just listening, she prompted areas of thought and helped me open up about my areas of insecurity.

We then spent time thinking through the next steps and Emma helped me believe in myself again. At the end of the 2 hours I felt light – a weight had been lifted. It was amazing to have talked it through and to be clear about what the next step was - one which didn’t feel quite so daunting anymore. Thank you Emma!”

- Maddy, Life/Career Coaching Client

“I sought Emma’s help as a mentor to guide me through some of the challenges of moving from a local to a global organisation. She was a good listener, quickly understood my challenge and proposed several robust approaches. This guidance was invaluable in communicating the key aspects of my profile with the key global stakeholders. As a result of this exposure, I was made several offers for interesting positions and am now enjoying a challenging role in our global HQ.”
— Matt, Roche

“Emma was recommended to me as someone who could help me understand what I needed to do to achieve the promotion I was looking for. She took me through a process that helped me understand that it was so much more than just exceeding my performance in my current role.

At times it was really challenging and she really held up a mirror to the impact of some of my behaviour and also the consequences of the limits I had put on myself. I came out of the relationship much surer of who I was and how to portray to others what I could offer. I didn’t get the promotion I was originally looking for but was actually offered a much better role!” 

- Rob, UK Retail Bank